Villa ALOE and its adjacent Villa LOTUS are located in the Western part of the traditional village of Prines, 200 m above sea level, near Rethymno Prefecture European Path E4. In the surrounding area of the villas, there are wild oak trees which extend to the sea and make the microclimate of the region particularly healthy.The view from the windows and verandas of the villas is unique, especially in the sunset. ALOE and LOTUS villas are 6 kilometers (5-8 minutes by car) from the historical town of Rethymno and combine the tranquility of the Cretan countryside with the vitality of the historical and cultural interest of Rethymno town.

Prines is an authentic traditional Cretan village that combines architectural elements from its Arabic, Venetian, and Ottoman history. Visitors can enjoy cycling, trekking, mountaineering through the wild Cretan Flora and famous herbage, swimming, snorkeling, bird watching, discovering the unspoiled Cretan villages, riding by the sea, and all marine sports on the nearby beaches. They can also visit old monasteries, churches, castles, caves, and walk in gorges with unique native wildflowers (Kourtaliotiko gorge, Imbros gorge, Prassiano gorge, etc). They can listen to live traditional music and dance the local dances in festivals which take place throughout the summer in the nearby villages as well as attending the Renaissance Festival, which is organized by the municipality of Rethymno and takes place in July-August- September. In the spring, Greek Orthodox Easter is also a magical time to visit the area, and have the opportunity to attend the local rituals and traditions. They can taste the local cuisine at the famous tavernas of the region in the inland, the old town, or on the seafront.

ALOE and LOTUS villas combine the tranquility of Cretan countryside with the vitality of the historical and cultural interest of Rethymno town.
  • 3 km from sea
  • 6 km from the Town of Rethymno
  • 200 m from the petrol station
  • 1,5 km from an ATM
  • 150 m from a coffee house
  • 300 m from the tavernas
  • 300 m from two mini-markets
  • 300 m from the bus station
  • 400m from a pharmacy store
  • 1,3 km from an internet cafe
  • 6 km from the hospital
  • 60 km from the Chania Airport
  • 78 km from the Heraklion Airport

Due to its geographical position between Iraklio and Chania and its close distance to the southern coast of Crete, ALOE and LOTUS villas are a perfect place for one-day excursions to Chania and Iraklio as well as the southern coast beaches of Plakia, Damnoni, Schinaria among others.

For those who are interested in visiting a modern academic establishment, the library of the University of Crete with only 4 kilometers distance from Rethymno, ALOE and LOTUS villas can provide access to a large variety of books about Crete, Arts and Humanities.

In addition, they can visit the worldwide famous Santorini island with one-day boat excursion from Rethymno's harbor.